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Being involved in a car accident is no laughing matter.
Serious injuries such as whiplash can occur when being rear-ended at just 2.5mph!
We have over 75 years of combined experience in treating injuries sustained in an accident.
If you have been injured, call us now for a 100% FREE consultation at:






"The injuries sustained in an accident are like nothing you may have ever experienced before. There is usually tissue damage that can take months or years to correct with proper treatment. We are all essentially big hairy bags of water with some calcium thrown in, and when we are involved in an accident with 5,000lb+ steel and rubber missiles colliding together we can be left with injuries that stay with us for life.

Because of that, treatment is essential and the earlier, the better. The traumatic injuries
causing inflammation, bruising, scar tissue & more can make life miserable.
Don't live in pain from someone else's mistake, get treatment today."

-Blake Bell 

We can usually get you in the same day to start treatment for your injuries. 

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